person who never had cats: cats are egoists and never give you love
cat owner: cats are big baby nerds


Stromae - Papaoutai


Salzburg is definitely one of the most picturesque cities in or near the alps. Its most remarkable landmark is the fortress Hohensalzburg which is located on a hill. The view there is amazing as you can see not only the whole city but also the beautiful and scenic alpine landscape which surrounds Salzburg.

The fortress can be reached either by foot or by using the cable car which starts near the impressive cathedral. (The cathedral is the huge church on the right of the bottom picture.) There are also several other churches which are worth a visit.

Other sights in the Old Town of Salzburg - which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage - are the Salzburg Residenz and the romantic Getreidegasse. The Residenz is a former palace and its extravagantely equipped rooms can be visited today. The Getreidegasse (german for Grain Lane) is a lovely, narrow lane with both traditional and international shops (left picture in the middle).

In the Getreidegasse you will also stumble upon Salzburg’s most famous citizen - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You can visit both his birthplace in the Getreidegasse and his later residence which is also located in the Old Town.
Salzburg is still an important city concerning classical music as the Salzburg Festival still attracts many visitors every year. The Festival Halls can be visited throughout the whole year.

Outside the old town the Mirabell Palace with its pretty gardens is worth a visit (top picture: view from from the Mirabell Garden to the fortress)

The surroundings of Salzburg also offer several possibilities to spend your time. You can either climb a mountain or use the cable car or enjoy your time at a lake or a small town like St. Wolfgang, Hallstatt and Mondsee. Furthermore the German border is only a few kilometeres from Salzburg, so trips to Königssee or Berchtesgaden are possible.

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Harry Potter Q&A: Reblog with your own answers

Your house: Ravenclaw
Your favourite character from the trio: 
Harry, but I love them all pretty equally
Three other favourite characters: Sirius, Luna, Neville
Least favourite character: Snape 
Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
One favourite moment: I really loved the scene in the 7th book when Harry is rescuing Malfoy in the library and they’re bickering like idiot.
How you were introduced to the seriesI honestly forget, but I was a big reader as a kid so I might have just found it myself or heard about it.
What would your favorite lesson be?: I’d really like astronomy and history of magic (if there’s a good teacher)
Which hallow would you take?: Cloak, definitely
Which character are you most like?: Hmm, maybe Luna, but I’m not as quirky as her, sadly.
Three spells you’d like to be able to perform: Accio (summoning charm), Reparo (repairing charm) and Specialis Revelo (shows an objects magical properties or secrets
Would you have entered your name in the Goblet of Fire?: No way Jose.
Would you have played Quidditch?: I’m already too worried of ball hitting me in the head so no
What form would your Patronus take?: Some kind of cat
What would be your profession in the wizarding world?: Some kind of research job- Cursebreaker sounds cool but too dangerous.


The most common souvenir I get when I travel are probably small keychains, but when I went to Portugal I didn’t know what I was doing, so I kind of regret not getting one of a Barcelos rooster. The very kind Sara sent me one to make up for the lack of cock in my collection. 

…and also make my keychain sufficiently NedPort. It was glorious.


i drew a cute little Elizaveta in a traditional-turned-royal dress


lies in a puddle of tears


Aragorn and his epic entrance




Budapest, Hungary