consider the following aus

  • "we wore matching halloween costumes to this party" au
  • "we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled" au
  • "tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can u help me out" au
  • "we’re the only ones on campus who didn’t go home for christmas" au
  • "we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories" au
  • "accidentally fell in your lap while standing on this crowded bus" au
  • "can u help me sneak my cat into my dorm" au
  • "accidentally got assigned the same library study room so I guess we’ll have to share for the semester" au
  • "It’s raining and u forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus" au
  • "I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is" au


Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


I just can’t get enough of this man!

I have heard the legends of the onceler fandom, but... What was it? What did it do to this website?


at first it was a normal fandom having fun, then people started shipping the Onceler with the evil version of himself, tHEN the askblogs happened and there were SO many of them and each one was a different version of the Onceler and people started shipping them all together through endless aus

it was a huge trainwreck, people not in the fandom started hoarding urls so that the people IN the fandom couldn’t use them to make even more askblogs, everyone got pissed off and then idk I think at some point they all silently agreed the thing went overboard and that fandom vanished?? turned into a tumblr myth people remember with amazement and horror #never4get


(by Jnhuh)

You know what’s more magical than a Studio Ghibli anime? Seeing them brought to life. That’s exactly what is happening in South Korea. 

The Studio Ghibli exhibit is being held at the I’Park Mall in Seoul until March 1, 2015.


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Assassin’s Creed. With kittens.

This is the greatest video I’ve ever seen.




Color illustrations for My Brother’s Husband (弟の夫) chapter 1 by Gengoroh Tagame. On newsstands today in Monthly Action (月刊アクション) magazine!

Today (September 25, 2014) on sale! :)



Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer