Ohne-rand's request.

Steampunk Austria.


i really love seeing art of viking-era aph sweden without glasses because, like, i assume he would have to squint a little bit all the time, and imagine if that was part of why he seemed so intimidating… but poor guy just can’t fuckin see


More Austria! Wanted to practice some digital coloring. I like how it came out.


fem!Germany follow-up to fem!Prussia and the history of fashion. This one turned into more of a personality/general history study, though I guess fashion is included, heh. 


fem!Prussia and the history of fashion


More photos of my Cardverse Liechtenstein cosplay. This were taken by Tarzán de los Gnomos, and I edited them a little bit as well.


playing with colors, I accidentaly drew the OTP.


here to steal ur money


The most common souvenir I get when I travel are probably small keychains, but when I went to Portugal I didn’t know what I was doing, so I kind of regret not getting one of a Barcelos rooster. The very kind Sara sent me one to make up for the lack of cock in my collection. 

…and also make my keychain sufficiently NedPort. It was glorious.