Things that get my goat



I’ve been looking at a lot of Seven Deadly Sins art series recently, and something I’ve noticed is that 1. most of these series depict the sins as women, and 2. If the series is of women then the sin of Pride is named Vanity. If of men, it’s named Pride.

First of all, vanity is a form of pride, but it is in no way all encompassing. Are women such delicate creatures that they cannot contain a full range of pride in their fragile frames? Are men so consumed by their own overweening arrogance that they never stoop to just once facet of pride? Or is it that women cannot be proud of anything other than their appearance?

This also brings to mind a certain quote (paraphrased because all three of the copies in my room are hidden behind heavy boxes):

“Vanity is a weakness,” Mr. Darcy remarked. “But pride, where there is a real superiority of mind, never.” - Pride and Prejudice

Automatically women get the watered down version of the sin. An aspect of human failing that is as much weakness as a threat to integrity. Men get the admirable qualities of a sin that has been the reason for the Fall, but also created one of the most powerfully sympathetic evil characters in English literature. Here’s looking at you, Milton’s Morningstar. Not cool with this.

I want to see a sin series where a personification of pride looks as though she’s going to knock down some bodies.

I want to see a lust that instead of inviting the veiwer to sleep with her looks as though she is a predator and ready to eat people. Her lust should be for power. Bodies are just ways of keeping count.

Instead of a gluttony smearing a lean body with food while making an orgasm face, or rolling around like an incapable blimp, I want an edomorph made of muscle, consuming rich black oil, endangered species, and considering her own fingers, next.

I want an envy who is not jealous of the other sins’ look, but hates and LOATHES them for their success. I want her standing atop a mound of corpses, glaring at the rest as if she is crying that she has made more people fall than any of them.

I want a cold calculating greed, who guards her material horde with the grimness of a winter’s night, who thinks nothing of casting the rest of the world into flames for the merest glimmer of an increased profit margin.

I would fucking kill for a wrath who did something other than lick at weapons seductively. I want a wrath who revels in the flames. Who loves the world so much that she has to destroy it. I want a wrath whose anger is brilliant like the white hot center of a sun, and who will spend herself in destruction without accomplishing anything.

I want a sloth who does not look as though she is a sleeping beauty waiting for some guy to come upon her and fuck her awake. I want a Sloth at the center of a sinkhole, a web, the Internet, pulling us all in slowly, imperceptibly, but surely. I want her settling heavy on the shoulders of the world. I want her to be queen of emaciated skeletons who can’t bother to get food. I want to see her luxuriating in entertainment and pleasure at the expense of society. I want a selfish sloth.

But mostly I want a pride that will destroy you all and not give a shit because you aren’t important.

“Don’t you see? It’s a gift. … If your guy’s going to be perceived as arrogant, you might as well knock down some bodies with it.” - Sam Seaborne, West Wing

That is some powerful and vivid imagery! I especially love your version of wrath and sloth. The current art on the seven deadly sins are nice, but your take on them is just superb.