[Fic] Haze, 4 (Spamano, AmeBel)


Previous part here.

I had not intended this to be so long, but..well, its me. SO. Veronika’s wedding part 1.

I’ll do a part 2 and maybe up the rating to a delicious NSFW if there’s a desire for more of this silliness.

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asfkjshdfkashdfkhds sexplosions yes we always need more sexplosions!

Aside from that holy shit Spain you’re quite the charmer here, me gusta.  They’re so cute they have to stop.  They’re like one of those awful couples who just literally exude sappiness when they enter the room they’re just so into each other.

[Fic] Haze, 2 (Spamano, AmeBel)


I wrote this first bit last week—it needs a little more before it can finish, so I’ll make Romano’s life miserable and amusing for a bit :D

To recap—Veronika is Romano’s BFF, getting married, had a fab bachelorette party in which there was an attractive stripper who may or may not have gotten Romano even more drunk. The next morning, Alfred finds this all very interesting and extra hilarious.

Romano is hungover and a little confused as to what the hell happened last night.

Note: Camille is Monaco 

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omfg my prayers to the pastafarian gods have been answered.  And in a few minutes it is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Truly it is a holy time indeed.

30 day challenge. day 5: Haze (Spamano, AmeBel, AU)


30 day drabble challenge: Day 5

Totally what I need to be spending my time on, but here we go! :D

Prompt: Haze
Fandom: APH
Characters: America, Romano (with side Belgium and Spain)
Warnings:  Total nonsense? Romano’s lovely use of language?
Summary: A snippet from a random AU in which Romano is best friends with Veronika, who happens to be engaged to Alfred, who happens to also be Romano’s friend. Veronika has a bachelorette party and Romano, in his role as incredibly charming and handsome gay BFF, attends. Alfred would like details, please. Romano wishes he could remember what happened after the fourth gin martini. 

Oh, and Spain’s a stripper. 

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How did I not see this before aaaaaaah <3333

[Fic] The Land of Opportunity (America/Belgium, nsfw)


Right. America & Belgium, my very secret rare(crack) pair.

I started this as a fic meme fill like 8 months ago and decided to go for smut broke today and finish it.

Because sometimes I just want to write a little lady lovin’ and Belgium is a lovely character who deserves much love. 

And lust.

This is an AU PWP. May it not be total fail.

I think that does it for me and the smut for today. I do still owe my Wifey some FraNeth, but my poor dirty mind is all wrung out. 

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