Congratulations Germany for winning World Cup 2014! Prussia must be really happy now, for he finally be able to win the cup together with West (last time Germany won the cup, they’re still separate countries). Ugh, siblings feels once again, why did I have to torture myself?

What a roller coaster of a tournament! I’ve been following WCs from 1998 and so far, I think this year’s the most dramatic and interesting of all. Thank you Brasil for hosting such wonderful world cup, good job for every country who participated, and hello to Russia as the next host of World Cup 2018!

Damn, it’ll be hard to move on from this, I wanna watch all of the matches once again they’re just so good! Will they release a DVD set for this WC2014? Please tell me they do.


in true “chicken scratches” tradition

ANYWAY! netherlands! belgium! playing! TONIGHTTTT
but not against each other! i’m sorry belgium i’m rooting for argentina ;v;
also I forgot to mention it but the person I owe a sketch from the giveaway is marchdualscar!! and it will be up tonight also!!! (i’m sorry for the delay >< )


ahaha anyone remember this

well i finally got around to finishing it


haha i finally doodled some latin americans-Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil- thanks to those people who messaged me with info!

yeah football rivalries are intense hehe. Anyway, in case it’s unclear- the European countries are drawing their battle lines based on language- the Germanic and Latin (Romance) family. English, Dutch, German etc are all Germanic languages. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian are languages with Latin roots. Belgium and Switzerland have bigger majorities that speak Germanic languages, but they have sizeable minorities that speak French, Dutch (Belgium) and also Italian (Switzerland).

And well, the Latin Americans as you know mostly speak a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese in addition to their indigenous languages. But they have very much got their own character :D Football wise, Chile sounds like a sinister mastermind because he’s the one who beat defending champions Spain and booked his ticket to the Round of 16. Costa Rica was considered an underdog at first but just defeated Italy (2006 champions), and Brazil is possibly going to face Netherlands in the second round.  


The kind of guy who’s not very witty on purpose but says some pretty hilarious things anyway without meaning to. 

Based on this tweet.


inspired by this post by lunargift lol

Algeria initially scored with a penalty and led until the 70th minute, where Belgium came from behind to win 2-1. well I just really wanted to draw supportive!big brother Netherlands and the Iberian bros being dorks :D (Brazil was a former Portuguese colony so Portugal is trying to soak up some cheerfulness by being vicariously proud of his “kid”). let’s hope Spain redeems himself in the upcoming match…


Send me a character and a palette!

Ahh I need to draw Belgium more! She’s so precious uvu


Its been awhile since I’ve posted hetalia stuff but its the world cup for soccer this weekend and my dad is throwing a party with a whole lot of Belgian people to watch Belgium play so I felt the need to draw Belgium ^u^  Enjoy!


べるべるやで~ by: でれ助

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