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Nyo!Tomato gang


Hey there! Meet me and my Holland ;)

Axis Powers Hetalia
(FIFA’14 special)

  • Belgium - Renge Tasogare
  • Netherlands - ZeWine
  • Photo by Andriel Taro


I know it’s late but here’s Belgium.


"I will not eat waffles with Spain."

Hetalia redraws are super funimagei wish i was this enthused and driven with my hmwk


doodles :T



Congrats Belgium!!! That last bit was driving me crazy!


Right. I just have a lot of Tulip Siblings feels, okay? Also, I’m trying to experiment with tritones mode here.

Belgium did good until the quarter-finals, when Argentina beat her and then proceeded to beat Netherlands too at the semi-finals. Yet another failed world cup campaign this year for Netherlands, but it’s okay bb, you also did well! (Well, at least until the last two matches) I’ll still be rooting for you guys whether it’s World Cup or UEFA Cup! \(;__;)/

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Congratulations Germany for winning World Cup 2014! Prussia must be really happy now, for he finally be able to win the cup together with West (last time Germany won the cup, they’re still separate countries). Ugh, siblings feels once again, why did I have to torture myself?

What a roller coaster of a tournament! I’ve been following WCs from 1998 and so far, I think this year’s the most dramatic and interesting of all. Thank you Brasil for hosting such wonderful world cup, good job for every country who participated, and hello to Russia as the next host of World Cup 2018!

Damn, it’ll be hard to move on from this, I wanna watch all of the matches once again they’re just so good! Will they release a DVD set for this WC2014? Please tell me they do.


in true “chicken scratches” tradition

ANYWAY! netherlands! belgium! playing! TONIGHTTTT
but not against each other! i’m sorry belgium i’m rooting for argentina ;v;
also I forgot to mention it but the person I owe a sketch from the giveaway is marchdualscar!! and it will be up tonight also!!! (i’m sorry for the delay >< )