hi linou!! ;u; i just want to say thanks for updating the ned/bel tag with your amazing art!! it was so overwhelming and im so weak for this ship, i love them so much omg. i look forward to any other ned/bel fanart you'll be sharing in the future!! (same for tomato gang and nedluxbel) have a good day c:


have a wonderful day too, thank you for this ask !!! I love them so much aaah, i’m glad to contribuate to this ship


For all your belgium needs


here to steal ur money


Nyo!Tomato gang


Hey there! Meet me and my Holland ;)

Axis Powers Hetalia
(FIFA’14 special)

  • Belgium - Renge Tasogare
  • Netherlands - ZeWine
  • Photo by Andriel Taro


I know it’s late but here’s Belgium.


"I will not eat waffles with Spain."

Hetalia redraws are super funimagei wish i was this enthused and driven with my hmwk


doodles :T



Congrats Belgium!!! That last bit was driving me crazy!


Right. I just have a lot of Tulip Siblings feels, okay? Also, I’m trying to experiment with tritones mode here.

Belgium did good until the quarter-finals, when Argentina beat her and then proceeded to beat Netherlands too at the semi-finals. Yet another failed world cup campaign this year for Netherlands, but it’s okay bb, you also did well! (Well, at least until the last two matches) I’ll still be rooting for you guys whether it’s World Cup or UEFA Cup! \(;__;)/

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