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Ms. Héderváry


Prussia and Hungary in this lovely AU!!

Happy birthday Domo!! I wanted to draw you pruhun no matter what but after talking to shinx I ended up designing these two for the AU C:!! I hope you had a great bday and I’m so glad we’re friends u are rad girl.


i did this for askmiddleschoolusuk a while back and i still like it soooo i’m posting it here. YEP


yeah gil, shut the fuck up // the otp that never quits

please full view!!


More of what I make ends up in her stomach than it does on my table. Eh, c’est la vie!


if anyone happens to ship pruhun and doesn’t mind au’s i would like to direct you to these fanfics:


Hello, first of all I love this blog! Second, can you do a page explaining which character is which? because sometimes I get very confused since a lot of them look similar.
Thank you ! I just created the page dear anon i hope it’s what you were waiting for somehow !




"He’s so immatuuuuuure~~~!"

Probably mistakes somewhere I’ll find later due to no sketching beforehand pff OK BUT can we talk about how the song sorta fits PruHun and oh yes I do love me some PruHun hohoho

 I can finally use this old gif I’ve made, thanks you Ms. Fia

AUGH that gif is adorable!!!


old habits dying hard