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But imagine Romano being a few years old and walking around with grandpa Rome before Veneziano is born and seeing the city of Pompei disappear under the lava (⊙‿⊙✿)




Romano refused to hold his Grandpa’s hand. He leaned against the side of the boat, eyes glued to the distant city. It was midnight at noon—it had gotten dark so fast. Romano looked up at his Grandpa, coughing.

“It hurts to breath,” he rasped.

Grandpa didn’t respond, still watching the city. Romano could faintly hear what his Grandfather could; screaming, hundreds of final breaths, so much screaming. It was like his lungs were on fire, and his skin was sticky like he was covered in candle wax.

“What is it?” Romano asked, standing on the tips of his toes to see the city once again. The mountain nearby was shuddering, giant rocks and bounders rolling down before coming down to an uneasy stop. “Why would…?” He coughed, his whole chest tight.

“There is no reason,” Grandpa Rome snapped.

Romano felt his cheeks burn. “What do you mean there’s no reason? That’s stupid, of cour—“

“No, Romano,” Grandpa interrupted, still not looking down. “Sometimes, bad things happen for no reason. One day, the Gods just decide to punish you. It doesn’t matter if you take care of your people or not.”

Romano shook his head, stepping back from the side of the boat. “You’re wrong.”

“You know how long I’ve lived?” Rome laughed, but it was angry. “I have seen so many people die for no good reason. This, Romano,” Rome pointed toward the distant Pompeii, “this has no reason. Death is pointless.”

Romano fell to his knees, gasping for breath. His skin was so hot. “We have to help!”

“We can’t.”

“What do you mean we can’t?!” Part of the mountain collapsed. A giant wall of dark clouds and fire descended upon the city. Romano screamed, curling in on himself.

Suddenly, Grandpa was holding him, rocking his back and forth. “It’s okay, Romano. I feel it, too. You’ll get used to it.”

Romano felt like his lungs were imploding. His skin felt like burned parchment—if Grandpa touched him too roughly, it would flake off. Romano clutched at his grandpa, sobbing. “I don’t want to. Please, save them. You can do anything! Save them…”

Grandpa sighed, his own breath rasping. “I don’t even know what this is, Romano. We could never save them. It’s almost over, can’t you feel? Once everyone is gone… You won’t hurt anymore.”

That was the first time Rome had ever failed Romano.



Title: time well spent
Pairing: spain/romano, romano/spain (human AU)
Summary: They fuck. That’s it. That’s all there is.



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"I will not eat waffles with Spain."

Hetalia redraws are super funimagei wish i was this enthused and driven with my hmwk


is aph romano perpetually high all the time like what the fuck is he even talking about how did he jump from roadways to trash cans to criticizing academic highbrows i don’t understand a word of this

✍ aph Romano


haha i finally doodled some latin americans-Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil- thanks to those people who messaged me with info!

yeah football rivalries are intense hehe. Anyway, in case it’s unclear- the European countries are drawing their battle lines based on language- the Germanic and Latin (Romance) family. English, Dutch, German etc are all Germanic languages. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian are languages with Latin roots. Belgium and Switzerland have bigger majorities that speak Germanic languages, but they have sizeable minorities that speak French, Dutch (Belgium) and also Italian (Switzerland).

And well, the Latin Americans as you know mostly speak a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese in addition to their indigenous languages. But they have very much got their own character :D Football wise, Chile sounds like a sinister mastermind because he’s the one who beat defending champions Spain and booked his ticket to the Round of 16. Costa Rica was considered an underdog at first but just defeated Italy (2006 champions), and Brazil is possibly going to face Netherlands in the second round.  


Italian soccer fans do the weirdest thing when their team loses:

They don’t get sad or anything like that.

It’s more like they stop being Italian.