Quick sketch of the day: Chibi Romano with frilly clothes (?)


APH: Buon Natale by ~MoonyL00ny

Family is very important to us, we stay all together and celebrate the Xmas’s Eve eating lots of good food and going to Church at Midnight.
After that, we exchange greetings for a joyful and peaceful Christmas, and when we come back home in the night we put the little Jesus in the presepe (crib).



Profile translations from volume 5

Omg Vietnam and Taiwan are the biggest cuties ❤❤❤


Grandpa Rome is proud of his grandsons no matter what ( ̄ω ̄)

hey, see this gif?


yes, this gif. guess what? I drew it. can I please get links to me as the source when you post it, guys? all I want. seriously.

Please source this guys, it’s just polite.