like if feliciano’s gonna call lud a bastard i don’t think he’s got a problem with telling ppl to fuck off. he lives with lovino. he called lovino a dick before. probably several times. HE TOLD PEOPLE LUD HAD BESTIALITY PORN WHERE IS THIS PICTURE OF INNOCENCE COMING FROM HE HAS YOU ALL WRAPPED AROUND HIS FINGER.


"Feliciano is strai-"


"Sorry, I couldn’t understand you over Feli confessing that his first love was for another boy. Would you repeat that?"


Buon Compleanno!


its not a good joke if u dont get smacked for it.


The Italian brothers


I’m just naming this AU Uniform AU because most of everyone in it are public services like the Vargas brothers their meter maids. 

Feliciano- Never writes tickets and just uses his beat to flirt around and talk to the locals. While Lovino writes tickets for things that are not state violations just violations of his personal taste like cars painted lime green. 


Ludwig is a K-9 Officer normally he’s stationed at the National Airport a few blocks away. Some times they run into Feliciano during his beat.where the little Italian loves to coo over Officer Fideo.