My first time writing this pairing, so I hope this is ok! 


"Help me zip this up," Belgium asked, pushing her bottom into Hungary’s waiting hands.

Hungary brushed the hair from Belgium’s shoulder and kissed a path up the lovely curve of her throat, admiring the pretty picture they made in Belgium’s bedroom mirror, Hungary still naked and flush with the memory of those pretty green eyes gazing at her from between the spread of her thighs. Hungary shook her head and held on tight. 

"I think I’ll pass."

Belgium narrowed her eyes, all too knowing and far too beautiful to be anything but as wicked just the way Hungary liked when she swiped two fingers over her kiss-bitten lips and murmured:

"Really, to be so uncharitable, I’m shocked."

Hungary watched Belgium’s fingers move to her ears, painted nails putting earrings in their proper place. She touched her lips the gold that now dripped from Belgium’s lobe and allowed a single hand to shift from swaying hips to the small of the back she’d tasted only hours ago, when Belgium had spread for her so sweetly.

"If you insist," Hungary said, pinching the zipper between thumb and finger, moving it up-up-up until the delicate line of Belgium’s back was hidden beneath red satin.

"I do." Belgium reached for her lipstick.

Hungary dropped her hand from the traitorous zipper, kept her eyes on the pink that now slowly licked its way across Belgium’s lips and curled her fingers around the hem of the dress that covered the expectant rise and fall of Belgium’s breasts.

"Its not like this is any sort of obstacle," Hungary said into the tilt of Belgium’s neck, hands dipping under the folds of the dress and sweeping up stocking covered thighs. Hungary stroked a fingertip over the wetness that she could still taste on the tip of her tongue.

Belgium’s eyes closed, painted lips fell open as she said, “You’ll make me late.”

Hungary laughed, slipped one finger inside and kissed the flush of Belgium’s cheek. “Probably a good thing, since you forgot to put on underwear.”


tosses at then passed out







More of what I make ends up in her stomach than it does on my table. Eh, c’est la vie!


Sketch of Belgium/Hungary lingerie & crossdressing for anon. Well, I guess Hungary’s not really crossdressing - there are plenty of blazers like that in women’s fashion already - but I didn’t want to add pants because butt.

That’s my favorite way of justifying most of my decisions in life. BECAUSE BUTT.