30 day challenge. day 5: Haze (Spamano, AmeBel, AU)


30 day drabble challenge: Day 5

Totally what I need to be spending my time on, but here we go! :D

Prompt: Haze
Fandom: APH
Characters: America, Romano (with side Belgium and Spain)
Warnings:  Total nonsense? Romano’s lovely use of language?
Summary: A snippet from a random AU in which Romano is best friends with Veronika, who happens to be engaged to Alfred, who happens to also be Romano’s friend. Veronika has a bachelorette party and Romano, in his role as incredibly charming and handsome gay BFF, attends. Alfred would like details, please. Romano wishes he could remember what happened after the fourth gin martini. 

Oh, and Spain’s a stripper. 

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How did I not see this before aaaaaaah <3333